There are multiple ways to view the content that was most recently added to the sites.

Updates by Month View

By default, when you first login, you will see Updates by Month.  For sites that have mixed media, this view is a mix of both photography and film updates.  

In the Updates by Month view, photography updates on mixed media sites look like this:


In that same view, Film updates on mixed media sites look like this:


If you'd like to view Updates by Month for a month other than the current one, click the calendar icon, or name of the month that is displaying, then select the month you want.  


You can navigate between years by using the arrows at the top of the calendar. 

When in this View, you can return to the current month by clicking the word "Updates" in the top navigation menu.


Updates Stream View

You can switch from the default view of Updates by Month to Updates by Stream by clicking that tab.

Viewing in this manner displays larger sample images.  It also allows you to have at-a-glance information as to how many times an update has been viewed, what the rating is, how many pictures are in a gallery set, or how long a movie is.  

When in this View, on multi-media sites, photography updates have this camera icon with the number of pictures in the set:

Film updates have a film strip icon, with the run time (film length):

This View encompasses a longer time frame.  Instead of scrolling back up, you can easily return to the top of the page by clicking the up arrow in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Updates by Type - Film

You can quickly view only Film updates by clicking the word "Film" in the upper navigation menu.

When in this View, you have several options.  You can either select Films or Series.

Both offer different sorting options, and can be set on the left hand side of the screen.

You can also select the way that content appears on the page.  Detailed View is one option.

When using this View, you are able to see content arranged in this format, with your personal ratings for each update showing, as well as the overall rating.

Viewing in Grid format is another option.

You'll see content presented similar to this when in Grid View:


Updates by Type - Photography

You can quickly view only Photography updates by clicking the word "Photography" in the upper navigation menu.

When in this View, you can select Galleries, which are complete sets, or Images, which are the Top Rated images.

In the Gallery View, photography updates are shown with the latest update being first.  You can change that sort view.

This method also allows you to chose between Detailed and Grid Views, just as with Film:


Grid View gives a cover-based view.

Detailed View shows gallery information, your personal rating, overall rating, and number of images.

Switching to the Images tab

This View displays the All Time Top Rated images, as voted on by our members.   Those images can also be viewed in Detailed and Grid mode.  

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