How to Rate

You can rate individual images, galleries, films, models and artists.  

Rating a Gallery

If you'd like to leave ratings for a gallery look for the Activity Box. Mouse over the star that represents the rating that you want to give.

Then click the star.  You will then see that your rating changes from 0/10 to the rating that you gave it.  In the example below, it was given a 9 rating. 

Rating a Film

Under the film, you will see tabs with information about the film, the cast, and the director. On the Film tab, click the star for the rating you wish to give.

Rating a Model or Artist

A model can be rated by switching to the Cast tab of any gallery or film that they appear in.  They can also be ranked on their individual Model pages.

Artists may be also be rated by switching to their tab on the Director or Artist tab of the update. They also have individual pages where they may be ranked.

Rating an Individual Image

To rate an individual picture, first click the thumb, and open the picture in your browser window. The rating option is found underneath the images, and also works by clicking the star that matches the rating you wish to give. 

Click the red "X" in the corner to return to the gallery.

Removing a Rating

If you want to remove a rating that you have previously given, click the star that represents the rating. In this example, the image was had been rated 8.  By clicking the star that represents 8, the rating is removed. 

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