iPad - Download Movies

At times you may want to download a movie to your iPad. The iPad wasn't really designed to accomodate downloads that are outside of the Apple/iTunes system, but there is a work around.

Install the iCab browser. This is a paid app.

Install the VLC player. This is a free app.

Open the iCab browser. Login the site, and go to the movie that you want to download. Click the mobile download link on the site. You will then get a prompt confirming that you want to download the file. 


The download will then begin.  Look at the blue arrow in the upper right hand corner of the iCab browser.  When the circle makes the path around the arrow, the download is complete.  

Once complete, to see your download, tap that same arrow.  You should see the file displayed.


To play your movie, just tap on the file name.  Select "Open File in Other App".

You'll then see your available options.  What you see may be different than is shown here, but you should see VLC as an option.  Select it by tapping. 

That will launch VLC, and you will see your downloaded files there. Tap the thumbnail for the movie you want to watch, and it should play


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