Why Do I Need a Credit Card for a Free Trial?

All trial memberships must provide payment information.  We offer different types of trial promotions, and your card may either charge outright upon trial join, or it may pre-authorize an amount to be charged if the trial is not cancelled within the trial period.  

Some examples are as follow:

Joe joins Metart for a free one day trial.  At join, his card is pre-authorized for the amount stated.  He cancels the trial within the trial period.  The hold on the pre-authorized funds is released, and no charges are incurred.

Tom joins TheLifeErotc for a $1 one day trial.  At join, his card is charged $1, and it is pre-authorized for the stated amount.  Tom loves the site, and wants to remain a member.  At the end of one day, the pre-authorized amount charges, and his billing cycle begins.  

If you have specific questions about trial memberships, please let us know. 

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