Getting Started

Our Customer Care Center was designed to give you easy access to the answers of commonly asked questions. Of course, our entire Support team remains dedicated to assisting you personally, on any issue.

Submitting Requests

If you've read through our knowledge base and still haven't found what you are looking for, or you simply prefer to contact us for assistance, please look in the upper right hand corner of any page on this site for the words "Submit A Request".  Click that link, and the request form will open.  Fill in the appropriate information, and click Submit.

Viewing Submitted Requests

Over the years, we've learned that some free mail programs and ISPs filter out mail from us before it ever reaches your mail account.  That's left some of you understandably frustrated, as you weren't receiving our responses to Support inquiries that you had mailed in.  

This system changes that.  While emails will continue to go out when one of our Support staff responds to your requests, you can also login to view them online.  To do that, you'll need to do the following:

  • Click the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner
  • If you don't have a Support account, sign up for one.  Please be sure to use a different password than you use to access the sites.  You will receive a verification email, so watch for that.  You can also sign in using Facebook or Google.
  • If you have recently sent in a Support request via email, you may already have an account.  Look for "Have you emailed us?  Get a password" in the lower left on the Login page.  Submit your address, and password information will be sent to you.  
  • Once you have an account, sign in. Look for your username in the upper right hand corner.  Click the down arrow and select "My Activities."  This will allow you to view all submitted Support requests.

Navigating the Customer Care Center

Once you have logged in, you can return to the knowledge base sections at any time by clicking the MetArt logo at the top of the page.  You can also click the "MetArt Network Support" text links.

Managing Your Customer Care Center Profile

If you need to change your password or your email address for the Customer Care Center, you can do that by clicking the down arrow next to your username in the upper right hand corner.  Again, please help us keep your account information safe by using a different password than what you use to access the membership sites.

If you want to sign out of the Customer Care Center, you will find that option under the same down arrow by your username. 

Making Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for something that you feel would make this a better resource for all customers, we welcome your suggestions!  Whether it's technical support, or how to use a feature within the membership sites, we are here to help, and want to make your experience a smooth one so that your attention can focus on the lovely ladies within our sites.  

Did we answer your question?  If not, please see the "Getting Started" section for instructions on how to contact us.


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