How Do I Contact You?

There are a couple of ways to contact our Customer Care team.

To ensure that you always see our responses, we strongly encourage you to register for a free Customer Care account.  

If you have previously contacted us via email, follow these instructions

If this is your first time contacting us, follow these steps to set your account up:

When you are at

Click the Sign In button in the upper right hand corner. That will open a sign in window. Look for the link that says "New to MetArt Network? Sign up"


Fill in your name (you can use any name), and your email address. You can add your Twitter account if you have one/want to. Click the checkbox to indicate that you are not a robot. Click the signup button.

You should then get a welcome email. After that account is established, you can return to at any time, and sign in to view the status of any communication with us, or to start a new one.

If you do not get the welcome email, send us a separate email telling us you are not receiving your Customer Care account activation email. 

Mailing Us:

If you do not want to set up a Customer Care account, you can just write to the support address of the site involved... or or, etc. If it involves more than one site, you can write to any of the addresses, and just tell us what you need.

Be sure to whitelist the domain in your mailer program.  Be aware that free mail services often filter out mail from us before it ever reaches your inbox, even with a whitelist in place. This also happens with mails sent to some ISP based email addresses. 

Did we answer your question?  If not, please see the "Welcome" section for instructions on how to contact us.


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